St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

Children's Advent Cards-12/3

Once again, this year our school-aged children will be receiving an Advent Offering card – either through St Cecilia Catholic School or through their CCD class. Throughout Advent we are challenged to pray for the Lord’s coming (both in the manger and in the end of time), to be examples of His love and virtues to others, and to “prepare the way for the Lord” through our stewardship. As our children fill these cards, quarter by quarter, this is a great teaching opportunity for a time of family Scripture reading, discussion and prayer – the daily readings in the bulletin are a great source for readings. This also provides an opportunity to aid the children in learning the importance of personal financial stewardship to the Church as they follow the example of giving provided by their parents. The children should bring their completed cards to the Children’s Christmas Mass (5 pm on Christmas Eve) or to any of our Christmas Masses where a special basket will be placed before the manger, where they may place their offering before the newborn King. Advent Giving Cards are also available in the Narthex for any other parishioners who would like to share in this holy activity.