St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

Parish Cookbook

St. Cecilia Parish is putting together a NEW cookbook and we want you to be a part of it.  A recipe seems like a little thing in which you can get virtually anywhere on the web so why bother with a church cookbook?  Simply because the uniqueness of the recipe offers you the LOVE of the congregation from which it comes.  Behind the typed or handwritten recipes isn’t a test kitchen or a culinary degree, but something much more.  It’s decades of experience in cooking for your family.  Long nights spent preparing for church potluck suppers or festival dinners.  The comfort that comes to the sick or the bereaved in the form of a warm, rich casserole or in the layers of a tall, fluffy cake.  We taste the power of generosity and the gift of love for God and our Church.  Please consider being a part of this gift to our Parish!  Send us the hard-to-find recipes from your personal recipe box that are tried and true.  Please submit up to five of your favorite recipes using the Recipe Collection Sheets found on our Parish website or located in the Narthex.  Children are welcome to submit recipes too!  Recipes will be collected during our St. Joseph’s Day Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday, March 18.  You can also drop them off to the Parish office or email them to Karen Schultz at  Published cookbooks will be released this Fall!  Submission deadline is Sunday, April 9th.