St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

Weekly Message




                                      FROM THE DESK OF FR. MARIO J. TIZZIANI    


            Through Christ, we find forgiveness of sins. Through Christ, we find peace and salvation. Today’s Gospel provides us with this assurance. Our Lord’s question to His disciples: “Why are you troubled?” is one which we may find the need to ponder. When we sin and feel dirty, feel ashamed, He calls us to find mercy and forgiveness through the Sacraments. St Luke tells us that we find Jesus “through the breaking of bread,” the Eucharist. We find Him as well, as St John tells us in the Second Reading, through mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He, the One who died for the sins of the whole world, provides us with His compassion and that of the Father. May we always realize this love and take it as it is meant to be – freely given. There is really no excuse for anyone of us to not take advantage of the gift of the Sacraments – especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist!!!

            As we have our second weekend of pledging, I want to thank you for your generosity to this year’s DPAA. As Bishop Foys reminded us in the video presentation, this annual financial commitment goes far in providing assistance to multiple funds and agencies throughout our Diocese. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making to ensure that our Church reaches its goal. Again, this year, the overage from the DPAA will be returned to the Parish for use here. If you were unable to make your pledge today, please plan to do so. You may contact our Parish Office for assistance, especially if you plan to use your credit card.
            As we continue to celebrate the joy of the Easter Season, may the peace and mercy of our Risen Savior be a true guide in your life and those of your loved ones!           

                                                                                                                              In His Love,

                                                                                                                              Fr Mario Joseph Tizziani