St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction


Congratulations to our St Cecilia Catholic School 8th graders whose virtual advancement Mass from the 8th grade to high school will be aired this week.  As your Pastor, I must express my sincerest congratulations to you as you go forward from St Cecilia School to high school.  We have done our best to provide you with a top notch National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Catholic education.  I am also thankful for our faculty and staff who have worked so hard, especially in these last 2 months as they have sought to do their best under the most severe of circumstances to continue your education to the end.  God Bless you!!!

As well, I wish our current 8th grade CCD students the best as they go on to high school.  Please know of my best wishes for a smooth transition!  Your families have worked hard to ensure that you have achieved to this point in your lives.  Please do your best in your high school years to achieve in all the areas that your high school entails.  Blessings! - Fr. Mario J Tizziani