St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

Electronic Giving

         I have had several queries as to what to do with our offertory envelopes. I am so blessed to know of your concern for the ongoing financial needs of the Parish. Despite our Parish Office being currently closed as well as the School, I have no plans to change any staffing or curtailing the mission of our Parish. Thus, your contributions to the Parish continue to remain vital. I truly appreciate those of you whose contributions are done electronically. If you are not doing so and would like to start, please call the Church Office at 859-363-4311 and one of the ladies will get back to you concerning it. (The electronic request form is attached at the bottom of this message.)The process is actually very simple.

        Thank you to so many of you who have mailed your Sunday Offertory Envelopes or have slipped them under the Parish Office door this week. I truly appreciate your faithfulness. I realize that this is a difficult time for many of our Parishioners financially, as workplaces are closed and there may be difficulties due to the effects of this pandemic and the expectations laid forth by our state leaders. Thus, due to these conditions, if you feel that you are unable to give at this time, please hold off until such time as you are able to. For those of us who are capable of giving, please do! Probably the easiest way to give is to mail your contribution to the Parish Office (5313 Madison Pike Ind KY 41051) if you are sending a check! If donating cash, please bring your offertory envelope to the Parish and either slip it under the INSIDE Church Office door or the Sacristy door in the Church. Either way, these places are checked at least once a day. Please be assured that your envelopes will be safe! We will endure and experience the joy of moving past the days of this pandemic!

God Bless You, Fr Mario!