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Fr. Mario TIzziani Medical Updates

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 10/19
Who's ready for some good news this evening? Today marks 1 week that Fr. Mario has been at UC Drake Center and he's making beautiful progress. His amazing physical therapy team had him standing with assistance a few days ago; and today he had his tracheostomy removed!! This will open the door for further speech therapy and delicious meals in the near future. However he's already been known to hold great conversations over the phone with his family members in recent days. Thank you Lord for your healing powers and continued protection over Fr. Mario. Please continue to say those miraculous prayers. Jesus, we trust in YOU!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 10/12
It’s a late post but full of wonderful and exciting news. Fr. Mario has been transferred to the University of Cincinnati’s Daniel Drake Stroke Recovery Center this evening. UC’s internationally- recognized stroke team will be caring for him during this next step of his journey. Prior to leaving St. Elizabeth this afternoon, his nursing staff and care team took turns visiting with him to say their farewells and presented him with a few to-go gifts and cards. His spirits were high, even granting us many laughs to hang on to. Please pray for this next phase in his journey. Unfortunately, the Drake Center is currently not allowing visitors as a safety precaution due to COVID. Specifically pray for his strength, patience, and inner peace while in isolation. He’s made so much progress over the last week and we can’t wait to see what these next few days bring. Keep those miraculous prayers coming! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 10/9
Another milestone has been reached as Fr. Mario is no longer receiving supplemental oxygen and is breathing entirely on his own accord. This is paving the way for his trach to be removed in the near future. Plans are also in the works for him to be moved to a transitional rehab facility soon. Please pray that God continues to give Fr. Mario the strength he needs for the journey ahead. Keep those miraculous prayers coming. Jesus, we trust in you!
(Our next update will be on Monday 10/12)

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 10/7
A special written message from Fr Mario:
“Benedictus, Dom Mario [✝️] ”
(Blessings, Fr. Mario [✝️] )
Keep those miraculous prayers coming. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 10/6
Fr. Mario continues to make improvements by the day! He spends most of his mornings with different forms of physical therapy to help strengthen his muscles and his afternoons are set aside for visiting with family and much needed rest. He’s verbally communicating through his trach and working hard at preparing himself to transition to a rehab facility in the near future. We ask you to specifically pray for his journey ahead. “O Eternal God have mercy upon Fr. Mario. Remove the sudden fear that may befall him. Endow him with courage in the struggle to recover what has been lost. Grant him strength and hope to envision new days ahead and a spirit of increased faith to take the risk of living fully once again. Amen”

Many have asked about visiting with Fr. Mario, however due to COVID this unfortunately is not permitted at this time. Now that Fr. Mario is making incredible cognitive progress, we think he would love to HEAR from you! Yes, your ecards and greeting cards are still VERY important, however we thought that maybe he would like to SEE you through a short video message to him! This can be easily done through something as simple as your cellphone. Record a brief message and send it to our Parish FB page using the -Send a Message- button. A member of Fr. Mario’s family will play a few each time they visit. This is sure to lift his spirits and give him the extra encouragement to sustain him through the upcoming days! Keep those miraculous prayers coming. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani update 10/3
It’s been a busy few days for Fr Mario as he’s been making progress with his communications by writing notes, speaking few words, and working hard on his physical therapy. He loves hearing from his friends and family. Your cards and notes of encouragement are so important to keeping his spirits lifted. Keep those miraculous prayers to Venerable Bottegal coming! Our next update will be on Monday. Jesus, we trust in You!

E-cards to the Ft Thomas location:
Mailing Address: 5313 Madison Pike Independence, KY 41051
*Notes of encouragement or GC’s for his family while in town are always appreciated as well!

Fr Mario Update 9/30
A short month ago we were all gathered in prayer at the news that our Pastor, Fr Mario Tizziani had a massive stroke and was in critical condition. Since then we have lifted him in prayer, unceasing prayer, through candle light vigils, Adoration, Divine Mercy chaplets, healing Rosaries and more. Our extended community has held healing Masses and prayed Rosaries along with us. We’re aware of prayer chains from 39 states and 5 countries that have added Fr. Mario to their lists. The power of those prayers ARE working! Fr Mario has come so far over these past few weeks, further than any doctor was willing to say in those early days of September. While we understand that the road ahead is a long one and there’s a lot of work still to be done, our Pastor remains a fighter! Please continue to ask our Lord to bestow His healing powers upon Fr. Mario! As a reminder, we will gather at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Ft. Thomas at 6:30pm on Thursday to pray for our brother and friend. Please join us. Jesus, We trust in You!

Fr Mario Update 9/29
No update to report this evening. Please continue to pray for Fr Mario. On this the Feast Day of the Holy Archangels, we implore their intercession to protect and heal Fr Mario from all illness and injury as a result of his stroke. Show us your prayer bracelets in the comments below; and please continue to send cards of encouragement! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/28
Fr Mario had a good weekend with increased Physical Therapy. Respiratory came in today and switched him over to a temporary talking trach which will allow him to speak to his care team when he’s able. He spends a few hours a day in a chair and is having more increased focus and motion with his movements. Keep those prayers coming for Fr Mario’s complete healing! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/25
Today's post is a post of gratitude! Thankful for the week of improvements and progress that Fr. Mario continues to make. Thankful to our St. Cecilia family, friends, and extended community members who are lifting him in up in your daily prayers; and of course Thankful to our mighty God for his infinite wisdom and healing powers being bestowed upon Fr. Mario. May we continue to have a spirit of gratitude even in the midst of trials and heartaches. All glory and honor to God forever! Jesus, We trust in You!
** Our next update will be on Monday afternoon** Please continue to pray for Fr Mario’s progress.

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/24
Another active day for Fr Mario. His PT is continuing to advance and all vitals remain stable. His oxygen intake has been reduced with the hopes of weaning him off this in the future. More friendly hand waves for his care team this morning. Please continue to pray for his increased strength and alertness. Don’t forget those cards of encouragement! There’s a box on the rectory porch, in the Narthex, via mail - 5313 Madison Pike Independence Ky 41051 or via the St Elizabeth Webpage- Ft Thomas location. Jesus, We trust in You

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/23
Fr. Mario seems to be getting stronger by the day. His alertness and communications are more often; and even managed to give a smile to his sister! [😁] Never doubt the power of prayer. Keep those intentions and cards of well wishes coming. On this, the Feast of St. Padre Pio, preacher and healer, let us give thanks for the continued progress our friend, brother, and Pastor is making. Jesus, We trust in you!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/22
Fr. Mario spent most of the day in an alert and responsive state for his care team, with his vitals remaining stable. He gives the occasional thumbs [👍🏻] up, love sign [🤟🏻] or wave [👋🏻] in response to your greeting cards and words of encouragement. Please keep those messages and prayers coming.
Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani update 9/21
Fr Mario continues with his Physical Therapy and responding with his care team. Vitals remain stable and he loves hearing from all of you! Please pray for increased strength and continued progress on his road to recovery; and keep sending those notes of encouragement. Jesus, we trust in You! (Ft Thomas location)

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/20 6:45pm
Fr. Mario continues to respond to his care team and family members by acknowledging their presence and making intentional gestures/communication with them. Vitals seem to remain stable. Please continue to send your notes of encouragement. He specifically enjoys listening to them as each one is read. Pray without ceasing!!! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/19 645pm
Fr Mario continues to have a response to his family and care team. Physical Therapy has also been pushing him to increase activity. Please keep those prayers coming! Thank you to everyone who came to today’s prayer service; either in person or online. It’s the best medicine we can provide right now. Don’t forget- e-cards, greeting cards and notes of encouragement are all great ideas for Fr Mario and his family. They’re read to him at each visit and he can hear your sentiments! Jesus, we trust in You!
or St Cecilia Church- 5313 Madison Pike- Independence KY 41051. You may also use the card drop off box on the inside rectory porch.

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/18 8pm
Fr Mario continues to have some awareness and responses to his care team and family today. We firmly believe the power of your prayers are being heard everyday. This is another reminder of tomorrow’s prayer service for the complete healing of our Pastor beginning at 9am. Please share and join us if you can. It’ll be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Update 9/17 8pm
Fr Mario seemed to be more alert today by responding to his care team and family members with purposeful, on command communication. A bit of encouragement in what has been a rather quiet week!
As some of you know, God profoundly spoke to Fr Mario through the below Bible verse which ultimately began his discernment to the Holy Priesthood. May we take a moment this evening to give thanks to our Lord for appointing Fr Mario to be our shepherd at St Cecilia Church. Lord, we ask in Your name to heal and restore him to perfect health. Jesus, we trust in You!
*Please note that Friday’s 8am Mass (9/18) is for the intention of Fr Mario Tizziani’s health and on Saturday (9/19) immediately following the 8am Mass, we will pray a healing Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for him as well. Please join us if you can. It will be live-streamed for those unable to attend.

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/16 at 7pm
No significant changes as of this evening. Please continue to pray for our Miracle on Madison Pike!
Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/15 7pm
Fr. Mario continues to rest well this evening. His vitals seem stable with controlled medication. Unfortunately his responsiveness has declined since his transfer to Ft. Thomas on Saturday. At this time, we're unaware if this is due to his medication or a setback that he's experiencing. Please continue to pray for him; and ask your family and friends to do the same. Specifically pray for increased alertness in the hours and days to come. On this, the Feast Day of our Lady of Sorrows, may we implore the intersession of the Blessed Mother to ask for the complete healing of our Pastor, Brother and Friend. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/14 6:30pm
No significant updates this evening, so please continue to pray for complete healing of our Pastor and friend! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/13 6:30pm
Today is a day of rest with few updates for Fr Mario. Will you take 10 minutes this evening and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for Fr Mario’s healing? Click on the link for the prayers of the Chaplet. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/12 6:15pm
Fr. Mario was transitioned to a step-down unit this afternoon at St. Elizabeth in Ft. Thomas. (He is still limited to family visits only and no phone calls. Thank you for understanding.) Please continue to pray for rehabilitation progress on this next step of his journey. Vitals were excellent earlier today. Pray without ceasing! Jesus, we trust in You!
We will continue to hand out #FrMarioStrong bracelets after all Masses this weekend. Let them serve as a reminder to pray for his healing as often as you look upon it!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/11 5:30pm
Fr. Mario is preparing to be transferred to a step-down unit for his continued care tomorrow. This is encouraging as his recovery continues to take steps in the right direction. Please pray for him that the transfer goes well and his journey continues to be one full of positive progress. Specific prayers are for continued alertness and stable vitals (BP and Temp). Greeting cards are are still encouraged, however we ask that you drop them off to the box in the Narthex of the Church, on the Rectory Porch or mail them to St. Cecilia Catholic Church- Fr. Mario Tizziani- 5313 Madison Pike Independence KY 41051. We will let you know when the online Care Grams will be available again.
ATTENTION: We had several hundred prayer bracelets made that will be passed out at each Mass this weekend (only 1 per person- StC school students have already received one). Please take one and pray for Fr. Mario as often as you look upon it! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/10 6:15pm
We got a thumbs up from Fr Mario this morning! He was awake, responding and heeding some commands when the doctors asked. However we’re unsure if he’s fully aware of what happened just yet. He remains off all sedation medication, so hopefully this is the start of more good things to come. Respiratory was in again and all remains well with his breathing today. Aside from that wonderful excitement, he has spent most of the afternoon resting peacefully. Please continue to pray specifically for stable BP and temp controls, as well as increased alertness in the days to come. God is hearing our prayers, so let us continue to help him through this! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Update 9/9 6pm
Today has been a good respiratory day for Fr Mario! He’s moving mountains when it comes to breathing on his own. He was removed from the ventilator and has been on Oxygen without assistance for several hours now. The next 24hrs will be an important step as to wether this will be an early permanent transition, so keep those prayers coming! It seems as if Fr Mario has created a new friendship with his Respiratory Therapist (Scott) as he reached to shake his hand and waved his fingers at him after his exam. It made everyone in the room smile! Fr Mario is, for the most part, still in an unresponsive state, however we consider this a BIG deal. Specific prayers are for continued progress with his breathing, as well as stable vitals (BP and temp control). Keep those cards coming. He enjoys listening as they’re being read aloud. No room number needed. Just enter his name and they’ll get to him! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/8 6pm
Today has been a very busy day for Fr Mario, as he underwent a Tracheostomy in an attempt to help him breath without the ventilator and to serve as a more comfortable respiratory solution for him while he continues to heal. He continues to show responses to pain tests, in fact earlier today responded on command (wiggling toes/squeezing hand). Specific prayer requests this evening in addition to complete healing are for stable vitals, continued improvements with breathing on his own and increased alertness/responsiveness. Jesus we trust in You!

Fr Mario Tizziani Update 9/7 6:30pm
Fr Mario has spent most of today resting with stable vitals throughout the day. As said before, no news is good news! Continue to pray for complete healing and comfort for our Pastor and friend! Jesus, we trust in you!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/6 6pm
Fr. Mario continues to breath on his own today and received a good report regarding his reactions and responses from the neurologist. Important next steps are in the works to wean him off the sedation medication. Please specifically pray for positive responses to those upcoming tests, as well as stable vitals (BP and Temp). Don't forget that we will have a Parish-wide Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for Fr. Mario's healing after the 9am Mass on Monday. This picture was taken at our Labor Day Festival last year! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/5 at 6pm
A late update but full of positive news. More standard tests continue to be ran to adjust Fr. Mario's care as the days progress. He continues to respond to "pain-tests" in both his right and left hands but the best news of the day is that he has started to breathe on his own (with little assistance)!!! Talk about reaching a major milestone! Some specific prayer requests are for stable vitals (BP and Temp) and continued progress with his breathing. While we still have quite a road ahead of us, miracles are happening, so please keep those prayers coming. Jesus, we trust in YOU!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/4 5pm
There's not much to update today as it's been a day of rest for the most part. Praying that rest brings progress tomorrow. Please keep the prayers coming! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/3 5pm
Fr Mario continues to rest well in the overnight hours. His Blood pressure has been good but he’s been battling temperature fluctuations which they’re working on. His nurse did say she thinks he’s responding better today as there was a response to a pain test in his left arm this morning, which was a first. He was also able to come off of the ventilator for a short period today! They’ll continue to work on this tomorrow morning in an attempt to get him fully dependent and breathing on his own. Specific prayers in addition to compete healing, is for him to continue to breath on his own without complications and for his temperature to stabilize. This is a big hurdle that we’re shooting for in the next day or so. We’ll continue to update you as conditions change but for now keep those prayers coming. Jesus, We trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/2 5pm
Today has been a day of a few new tests. No additional answers or updates as of now. He rested well last night and was showing continued movement in his right arm. A specific prayer request would be to allow him to be less dependent on the ventilator and taking more breaths on his own. Please Lord heal our Pastor and friend! Jesus, We trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 9/1 4pm
“Blessed be the Lord God, who alone does marvelous deeds!”
Today has been an encouraging day to say the least. Fr. Mario’s care team reported that his vitals have been stable enough to start reducing his medication to see how his body would respond to the changes. In hand with that, they proceeded with neuro testing to access his care plan moving forward. Within a short time frame Fr. Mario was already trying to open his eyes! The doctors have also reported no more bleeding from the recent CT scan. Needless to say this is wonderful progress and we continue to place our hopes in Jesus! The road to recovery remains long, however our prayers are being heard. Please continue to storm the heavens for complete recovery and comfort for his journey ahead. A reminder of the candlelight vigil this evening at St Cecilia Church. It begins at 7pm and will also be live-steamed from our Parish Facebook page. Jesus, we trust in you!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/31 4pm
The ole saying, no news is good news. Fr. Mario is still sedated and resting comfortably with the intent to allow his body to heal before making any more advances. We will continue to post updates as they come in but for now, prayers are everything!
(Note: The hospital is still receiving calls and attempted visitors by our caring community. Unfortunately this is weighing heavy on Fr Mario’s care team as well as his family. Please be patient and know that updates will come as soon as they’re released. He is such a beloved friend to many and the longing for an update is certainly understandable.) Together, we will pray him through this! [🙏🏻] Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/30 4pm
Dear St. Cecilia Parish Community,
As stated in yesterday's communication Father Mario had a significant stroke on Saturday afternoon. As of now, the doctors really don’t know much more than we did yesterday. He is sedated and resting/healing in S-ICU. He had surgery last night and the CT this morning indicated that everything went as well as could be hoped for however the extent of the damage is still unknown. They’ll know more when they bring him out of sedation but at this time they’re not sure when that will fully be. Small signs of encouragement that we saw of him raising his hand to his mouth to cover a cough and a response to Church music being played has everyone hopeful, yet we realize the long road ahead of us. Again, St. Elizabeth is asking for no visits or calls to the hospital for updates as they can’t share anything anyway. We also ask for respect for his family, as this is a difficult time for everyone. We’ll do our best to update our community as we learn more in the days to come. We’re confident that he would be OK with us sharing this information. Father Mario could benefit from a lot of prayers for healing right now. Please continue to put your trust in God; and as our Pastor reminds us weekly, let's love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus, We trust in YOU!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/30- 7:30a
No overnight development to report. Please continue to pray! Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/29- 11pm 
Fr Mario’s surgery went well but his brain suffered a lot of stress. He will undergo a CT Scan in the morning. The next few hours are crucial and many prayers are still needed. Please join us for Mass at 8:30 or 11am and pray for our dear friend and Pastor. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/29- 6pm
Update: Fr Mario has suffered a stroke with bleeding to his brain. He’s in surgery at St Elizabeth Hospital now and will be taken to the SICU after surgery. We ask for your urgent prayers for his healing, for the doctors and medical staff, for his family, and for our Parish community and especially for each other during this most difficult time. Jesus, we trust in You!

Fr. Mario Tizziani Update 8/29- 5pm
Friends and Family, Fr Mario is in need of prayers tonight as he’s been admitted to the hospital. No further information is available at this time. We will update everyone as soon as we can. Please pray for complete comfort and healing. Amen. 

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be
thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.

Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now,
and ever shall be,
world without end.

Jesus, we trust in You!