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A Message from our School Principal on School Policy through March 27th

Please read the below message from our Principal regarding School Policy and Procedures of the online learning process through March 27th.

Thank you everyone for your patience, understanding, and support!  It was incredible to see everyone pulling together during this crazy time. This email is to give the basics of the online learning process that will take place on school days beginning Monday, March 16th and ending on Friday, March 27th.  These dates have the possibility of changing, but this is the timeline for now.

Concerns/ Feedback
Communication during this process is vital!!! If you have any questions about any online learning topics, we ask that you first reach out to your child's teacher.  Use the teachers as the first step for getting information, expressing any concerns, or giving any feedback.  There will be challenges here and we are going to adapt and create a process that we may be able to use in other circumstances in the future.  A direct email to your child's teacher to start is preferred until the teacher expresses another means.  If there are any general questions, feel free to contact me through email or call the office during the hours at the bottom of the message.

Chromebooks & Materials
All students should have left school today with the necessary tools needed to complete online learning for the next two weeks.  If not, please let your child's teacher know and we will arrange to have you pick materials up just outside the school doors during specified hours.  The students that left with Chromebooks are responsible for keeping them in good condition.  There is a $200 replacement fee for any lost, stolen, or broken Chromebooks as indicated in the email sent out earlier today.  Also, be sure to remind your children that appropriate use is expected with the Chromebooks and our Google Bark program will be detecting any questionable or inappropriate use.

St. Cecilia Alternative Learning Days Plans, Procedures & Expectations

To begin, all teachers have been instructed to start on their Sycamore class page under "News" to make any postings with directions.  This goes for homeroom teachers to special teachers. Have students start this process on the Sycamore Class Homepage.  Links can be placed here to take students to different sources. 

A Sycamore invite will be resent soon, if not already, for those who have not activated their Sycamore accounts.

On Monday's, students and parents can expect the following:

​By 9am, a general weekly overview will be posted by your child's teacher.  This does not mean that your child has to be in front of the computer at specifically 9am. More explanation to come.

Daily, students and parents can expect the following:

By 9am, detailed instruction posted by teachers for the day's online lesson.  Again, this does not mean that your child has to be in front of the computer at 9am. Again, keep reading.

Weekly, teachers are going to pick "Office Hours" on a specific day or days in which they will be available for immediate communication.  Teachers will specifically let you know when this is.  Teachers will not be expected to check their emails 24/7 outside of these designated office hours.  They will get back to you in a timely manner with general questions, but be available immediately during these times.
Teachers of Specials like Art, Music, PE, Computers, Library will also be posting just one lesson per week for students to complete.  Be sure to check these other pages.
General guidelines for parents and students:

Students are not expected to be in front of a computer at a set period of time until another period of time.  The pacing of this is at the discretion of the support at home.
Breaks are recommended so a student is not sitting in front of a screen for hours straight.  The point of this is not to have a student staring at a screen for four hours each day until everything is complete.
Teachers have been asked to be understanding and flexible with the amount of work given and completed especially at the beginning of this process.  If a student does not complete all the work in one sitting or even on that specific day, that is okay just communicate that with the teacher.  Workloads will be adjusted.
With all that said, any work given over the next two weeks is expected to be completed for credit.  Students are to work within the guidelines and time frames set up by the teachers as best as possible.
Expect lesson plans to be very basic at the start of this process.  Our teachers are going to grow and adapt to this process.  Teachers will develop their own style of this and not all lessons will be the same.  We will again all start on Sycamore, though.

Click Here for more explanation of the basics

Other Information

No children, volunteers, or parents, aside from school employees and staff are permitted in the building for the next two weeks.
Jason Voight, our school counselor, will be available by email if students are in need of any behavioral or academic support.
Staffing will be at the school to answer calls according to the following schedule:

Monday, March 16 - 8am-3pm
Tuesday, March 17 - 8am-3pm
Wednesday, March 18-Friday, March 20 - 8am-12pm
Monday, March 23 - 8am-3pm
Tuesday, March 24-Friday, March 25 - 8am-12pm

All other Parish Activities have been canceled during this time frame as mandated by the Diocese:

Reconciliation scheduled for March 17 is canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date
Stagette has been canceled and rescheduled for May 15
Stag has been canceled and is TBD as far as a makeup date goes
All sports associated with St. Cecilia have been canceled this includes both practices and games

Thank you again for everything this week.  I will be praying for everyone during this time.  If you have any questions, please start with your child's teacher.

Enjoy your weekends!

Kenny Collopy
St. Cecilia School
"Educating minds, nurturing souls."