St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

School/Parish Facility Usage

Just a brief reminder that, although St Cecilia Catholic School will begin on Monday morning (17 Sept), as Fr Mario stated in his 3 August letter to all Parishioners, until such time that the Diocese provides him with specific guidelines for facility usages, all non-essential meetings and gatherings of any sort are cancelled.  This means any function outside of the daily operation of the Parish Office and our School.  This includes any activities, meetings which include the use of our Parish facilities and grounds.  Until such time as the Diocese provides us with specific guidelines for athletics, this also includes any sporting activities both outside and indoor our Parish facilities.  Obviously, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is permitted on a daily basis as proper social distancing, proper sanitizing protocols and the wearing of masks are in effect.  Thank you for you kindness and patience as we continue to follow the guidance provided us from the Diocese as we strive to follow the dictates of the Commonwealth.