St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

St. Cecilia Cemetery History

In the early 1900's, Father Thomas J. McCaffrey recognized the necessity of having a Catholic Cemetery in Indenpendence KY. Father McCaffery obtained permission from the Right Reverence Bishop to purchase land for a Catholic Cemetery in Independence, naming it St. Cecilia Catholic Cemetery. When purchased, the land was located in the country outside of the village of Independence and not adjacent to the Church. Unfortunately, on March 23,1919, the original St. Cecilia Catholic Church (constructed in 1880 on Madison Pike, two blocks north of the Kenton County Courthouse) was destroyed by fire. In 1919, the new St. Cecilia Catholic Church was not rebuilt at the original site but was built on the Cemetery property adjacent to Madison Pike.

The general oversight, maintenance, and fund allocation for the Cemetery is provided for by the St. Cecilia Catholic Cemetery Board, headed by Mr. Tom Bach. As a benefit for the Parish and Cemetery, members of the Cemetery Committee have loved ones and friends who are interred or inurned in our Cemetery. 


Beautification of St. Cecilia Catholic Cemetery

Grounds Improvement
Phase one: 

Although always a serence place, the cemetery was in need of some upkeep. In the spring and summer of 2008, a large number of trees, undergrowth, and a tree line were removed from the cemetery. The following years, as older trees needed to be removed, new trees were planted. In 2010, the original wrought iron gate to the Cemetery was restored and a beautiful wrought iron fence was erected at the front of the Cemetery. 

Columbarium was erected 
Phase two:

On Tuesday, October 14, 2015 a new Columbarium was installed in our St. Cecilia Catholic Cemetery. This beautiful granite structure contains 48 niches and is located near the top of the new walkway, a location that provides a dignified setting for the inurment of our cremated loved ones. 

New Mercy Section Opens
Phase three:

In the Fall of 2019 the new Mercy section, lined with recently planted trees opened. As the older sections of our Cemetery have become nearly filled, the Cemetery Committee sought a solution to ensure that futue loved ones and friends may also be burried in our historic Cemetery. The Mercy hillside had been graded and surveyed to fulfill this need. Graves are being sold in increments of plots in double rows beginning at the top and with the sales completed continuing to the next rows going down the hill. The Mercy section provides an additional 145 graves for families to aquire.