St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church

A Parish and School of National Distinction

Weekly Message




                                      FROM THE DESK OF FR. MARIO J. TIZZIANI    

We have heard of the sisters Martha and Mary throughout our lives – the Mary who sits at the feet of Jesus, hanging onto every word He would speak; the Martha who would serve the Lord and His disciples, putting their needs before herself and others.  When we hear of these sisters, we are often left with the idea that Mary is a very bold woman and that Martha is a woman who is weak in faith.  Contrary to that view, is the fact that Martha is the one who always speaks first to the Lord – she has comfort in being in His presence and interacting with Him whereas her sister sits in silence.  Martha is the one who goes to Him at the death of their brother while Mary stays in the house.  Martha is the one who is blessed with the gift of hospitality while Mary is a woman of worship. Neither is wrong!  Today we hear in the First Reading, of Abraham greeting three strangers in the heat of the day.  Instead of watching them pass by his camp, he invites them in and provides a sumptuous meal for them.  Scholars point to this passage and state that this is a Christological event: that Christ is among the three, and as they are entertained, Abraham is entertaining his Lord.  What a beautiful situation!  As the meal progresses, they ask concerning his wife, to wit the statement is made, “I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”  Abraham, the man of Faith, at the age of 99 would have a son with his wife Sarah!  Our Catholic Faith calls us to be people of hospitality, people who are generous with our wares and willing to provide not only for friends and family but for the strangers as well.  We have role models in Martha and Abraham.  We are called to model our lives after them, being individuals who seek to serve the Lord at the best of our abilities through serving others.  That is what the love Jesus spoke of last week is all about.  Loving our neighbor as ourselves is loving Christ, is serving Him, is being hospitable.  May we do our best to do so as we continue to labor towards the Kingdom!

            Today begins our annual Vacation Bible School.  As we begin, I thank Karen Bunton and her crew of volunteers who are working together to bring this Christ centered function to fruition.  With all the work being done throughout our facilities, it has been difficult to plan and have sufficient space to provide the room for the various events to occur.  Yet, they will be providing as great, if not a greater event than in the past!  It is always a blessing to observe and to interact with our children and leaders during VBS.  It is a wonderful medium for sharing the Truths of the Word of God with our children as well as also aiding in the catechesis of all who work with them.  May the Lord watch over our VBS and richly bless all involved with many graces, as well as patience and stamina for the long week ahead!  God bless you!

            May you have a wonderful week in the Lord!

                                                                                                            In His love,

                                                                                                            Fr Mario Joseph Tizziani